Dyleum Ambassador Program Officially Begins

3 min readApr 29


Financial services deliveries in terms of products and services have been greatly improved upon by Web3 projects, and leading this charge is none other than Dyleum, a completely decentralized project that is committed to fast and easy execution of trades, secured transactions and easy management of assets with its asset management protocol. As an asset management platform, Dyleum is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for global dominance.

Dyleum places emphasis on the Community as it is a community driven project, hence, it is notifying the Community about its ambassador programme that is kicking off today. The date is from April 29th to May 13th

In the Dyleum Ambassador programme, different roles are opened to the community to fill and participate as the project seeks the collaboration of the Community in delivering Web3 financial services delivery. The roles are defined for non-tech ambassadors which are business and promotional ambassadors.

As a Dyleum Business Ambassador, the basic requirements to have for this role is business communication skills which will come in handy on the job

  • Increase brand awareness of Dyleum by promoting its products and services;
  • Organize and participate in both text and voice AMAs so as to onboard new users;
  • Participate in our social media activities by liking, retweeting and commenting on posts;
  • Connect Dyleum to Projects, investors and more;
  • Represent Dyleum in events; Organize Events;
  • Stay active on telegram, discord and twitter.
  • Other roles as defined within the context of the job.

As the promotion ambassador, you are required to have your own audiences on any of the social media handles and have the ability to create relatable contents for the project.

  • Sharing Dyleum contents on your social media handles;
    Organizing and participating in AMAs;
  • Create content in different formats for the project and share to your social media;
  • Participate in our social media activities by liking, retweeting and commenting on posts;
  • Stay active in our community, telegram, discord and twitter
  • Other roles as defined within the context of the job.

Ambassador Privileges
1. IDO whitelist with $LEUM allocation amount

2. Exclusive Discord channel to communicate with the Dyleum core team

3. Priority access to early information and news on Dyleum’s major progresses

4. Early access to the latest product features and updates

5. Invitations to serve as special guests or hosts at Dyleum’s events, including AMAs, Spaces, panels, and meetups

6. Participate in co-hosting campaigns and keep initiatives.

7. Long-term welfare and benefits brought by Dyleum and its partners, such as whitelist, NFT airdrop, etc.
8. Rewards for ambassadors are also paid in LEUM tokens to the tune of $50-$100 monthly.

However, this depends on the role and category as the incentive will be higher.

Kindly fill this form to participate:

Applicants will be notified by Twitter DM and also through mails. Join and follow us, it’s a criteria.

Follow us on our official social handle and read more here: https://linktr.ee/dyleum




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